Top real world use cases and applications of MongoDB

MongoDB automatically creates a database when it is first used. This is different than in relational databases, where the database must be created before it is used. Documents and CollectionsMongoDB’s architecture is described with different terms than a relational database. Instead 6 augmented reality examples to inspire your luxury brand of the terms table, row, column, and join, the words document, collection, and field are used. Resources for relational databases are widely available and industry knowledge is very deep. NoSQL databases are not as well established and do not have as large of a community.

Instead of using multiple systems to control documents, you can store them all in one database. Document versioning is a helpful solution for highly-controlled business areas, like financial or healthcare, which require a specific point in time of a dataset. This application provides a combined view of transactions, policy details, and other details of MetLife Customers. It looks like Wall of Facebook, which takes data from 70 legacy systems and merges it into a single record. It stores 24 Terabytes of data and runs across six servers in two data centers. MetLife is working on a series of Big Data projects where MongoDB-based applications are part of it.

use cases for mongodb

Jean has been a Support Engineer at Percona since early 2020. With previous experience in databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and Oracle in Brazil, he used to be a DBA at UOL before joining Percona. Student of Database Engineering and Big Data, he enjoys watching Formula 1 in his free time. It is how easily you can take a small application and scale it to millions or even billions of users. As mentioned in the first topic, the data model is highly dependent on the application and the team’s experience.

Generally, volume is the most important metric that measures a dataset’s quality and whether that dataset can be defined as Big Data to begin with. Transactions are the key reason why MongoDB has rapidly crossed the chasm from niche software to market-disrupting mainstream database platform. MongoDB supports all major programming languages (Ruby, PHP, Java, etc.), and has numerous community-supported https://cryptominer.services/ drivers for lesser-known programming languages as well. Its workflow for submitting query keys is simpler than in SQL since it doesn’t require specifying a schema – simply index the datapoint you’re looking for and MongoDB will retrieve it. Moreover, sharding makes the hardware side of things easier as it lightens the required storage and processing power for a single machine.

Mongodb real basic use case

Its document data model supports JSON and offers functionality like horizontal scaling, automatic failover, and the built-in ability to assign data to a location. With a flexible data model and unlimited scalability, developers can effortlessly work on indexing and querying as per their requirements. It is designed as a distributed database, which allows it to scale and store large amounts of data and achieve high availability. MongoDB also supports ad hoc queries based on regular expressions or JavaScript functions. MongoDB provides support for real-time aggregation as a way to sort and organize the queries.

  • To use the mongo shell, you must have a user set up on a MongoDB cluster.
  • Rather than needing large machines with massive amounts of storage, they can be implemented on small, commodity servers, such as those you might buy for a LAN subnet.
  • Otto used MongoDB to reduce their reaction time to 1-2 seconds.
  • Unlike a relational database, MongoDB permits nested fields.

Typically, a manual reference approach is most suitable if you need to unite a couple of related documents. But if your task is to combine documents from multiple collections, use DBRefs. The first is a Business Process Management System that we have developed for ourselves. MongoDB stores all of the data for business flow management. We have implemented it to use all of the stock-related data.


With schemas that can evolve over time, mobile application developers don’t have to spend time adjusting the database. Instead, developers can focus on developing the customer experience. Companies have vast amounts of data spread across their organization. Data provides value if it’s aggregated in one “single view”.

  • Cassandra favors partition tolerance and being available over things like write consistency.
  • See When To Use NoSQL Databases to find out more about the benefits of NoSQL databases.
  • MongoDB-based applications are part of a series of Big Data projects that MetLife is working on to transform the company and bring technology, business and customers together.
  • The syntax of a MongoDB document is based on a variation of the JSON file format.
  • MongoDB is a great database for web applications, especially if the application services many users who do not interact with each other.

It provides you with advisory consulting, program governance, and application lifecycle expertise. Furthermore, it gives you inventory and characterizes the app portfolio, defines project scope and execution, as well guidelines for design, implementation, validation, and optimization. Data document model accelerates development productivity, distributed systems design helps to scale always-on apps and you and the technology itself.

Shutterfly is one of the companies that transitioned from Oracle to MongoDB. If still needed, MongoDB also supports database transactions that allow many changes to a database to be grouped and either made or rejected in a batch. MongoDB’s scale-out architecture, which distributes work across many smaller computers, means that you can create an application that will handle spikes in traffic as your business grows. MongoDB’s horizontal, scale-out architecture can support huge volumes of both data and traffic. MongoDB was built for people building internet and business applications who need to evolve quickly and scale elegantly.

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Secondary indexes are also limited to single columns and what are called equality comparisons. If you are mostly querying by the primary key, Cassandra is the better choice. It really depends on your data is modeled and how you query your data. The word “Mongo” was derived by the database’s ability to store humongous amounts of JSON data. Documents can have any schema which is unlike a relational database management system .

use cases for mongodb

Afterward, we will touch on what sets MongoDB apart in the NoSQL landscape. We will end with some use cases for MongoDB and discuss common pitfalls when using this database technology. In this scenario, Map-Reduce jobs are used to extract, transform and load data from one store to another.

MongoDB brought organization to my sprawling application, and let me organize the data structures I needed with great speed. All of the benefits of a database, but without a lot of the drawbacks. For example, your online store grew from one small shop to a nationwide chain. Naturally, to prevent system failures, you need to add additional servers.

When Should You Use MongoDB?

MongoDB offers a robust platform to store content when building content management systems for websites, particularly those with a wide variety of text, images, videos and plugins to organize. One of MongoDB’s most prominent possible use cases is, as mentioned above, Big Data. The term itself refers to mass volumes of data that are too large, fast-moving and computationally complex to be processed by traditional, hierarchy-based data processing software. MongoDB’s scale-out architecture can support huge numbers of transactions on humongous databases. As more and more business users have joined the MongoDB community, features have been added to support the use and operation of MongoDB in enterprise IT departments. MongoDB now also offers first-class support for customers who need it.

  • Its document data model supports JSON and offers functionality like horizontal scaling, automatic failover, and the built-in ability to assign data to a location.
  • By not requiring a fixed schema, Cassandra is able to handle things like replication much easier than other databases.
  • Examples include analyzing satellite imagery, identifying social frauds based on historical data, recognizing customers in retail sector apps, etc.
  • This means it is typically easier for developers to design an application that interacts with MongoDB.
  • Instead, developers can focus on developing the customer experience.
  • The server nor the volume requires additional manual configuration steps.

This aims to provide developers a way to extend Atlas data into other apps and services in the cloud or into their serverless architectures. It sounds like what you are doing is NOT a good use case for NoSQL. Use relational database for basic data storage to back applications, use NoSQL for caching and the Top 50 Java Project Ideas For Beginners & Advanced like. In a typical production scenario, your application’s data may live in multiple datastores, each with their own query language and functionality. To reduce complexity in these scenarios, Hadoop can be used as a data warehouse and act as a centralized repository for data from the various sources.

You have now unlocked unlimited access to 20M+ documents!

Looking at DB-Engines Ranking, we will see that the popularity of open-source databases has been growing over the years, while commercial databases have been gradually declining. According toIDC, 90% of extremely large datasets are unstructured, that why Mango DB is a tool that is worth implementing into your work with Big Data. In my previous article, I explained the difference between MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Atlas Device Sync – will connect a fully managed backend database in Atlas to Realm, Mongo’s mobile database on edge and mobile devices. I studied a little bit around the web (not the best way to study!) and I read the Mongodb documentation. Forbes decided to get rid of these problems with a complete makeover of its systems.

You can implement the data schema in your application because, somehow, this is the data you use. Quite often we see that the main operational storage is used in conjunction with some additional services, for example, for caching or full-text search. The company said that whilst encryption solutions cover many use cases, this isn’t the case for protecting sensitive data while it is in use. NoSQL databases are used for storage of non-sensitive data for instance posts, comments.. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

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