Distributed Software Development: Benefits and Hidden Obstacles in Building Your Dream Team

Working hand in hand with a dedicated team of developers, you understand the specifics of the whole process. Its primary task is to find the specialists who meet the client’s requirements regarding tech skills, expertise, and project scope. One of the biggest advantages of the dedicated team model is that they are fully committed to your cause and basically become a part of your organization. A dedicated team gets immersed in your company’s culture, policies, values, and objectives.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

Salaries & Benefits for developers— Check out the range of salaries and benefits for developers in your area. You can also calculate how much it would cost to outsource development work to a company based on the hours you need to complete. Lack of in-person communication — When teams are in the same physical space, it’s much easier for them to communicate and collaborate. Without this in-person interaction, it can be difficult for team members to build trust and rapport with one another, which can hinder their ability to work effectively together.

Benefits of hiring Giga-IT

A detailed project entails testing many alternatives and strategies. Apart from this, there are numerous benefits of associating yourself with a remote development team such as Offshore IT Staffing. That’s why the remote development team is becoming immensely popular around the world as a cost-effective solution for the Software Industry.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

It becomes easy to streamline the processes further, efficiently. For instance, you might consider these good team collaboration and project management tools– Slack, ProofHub, Asana, Basecamp, InVision, TrackDuck, and BugHerd. These tools will help you in better team collaboration and easy communication.

It’s no secret that a well-designed logo, website, and marketing materials will set your company apart from the competition.

You only need the right talent to turn your thoughts into reality. Here, you can also hire a dedicated team to make the source of the talent you are looking for. More apt for large and complex projectsIndeed, for complex and larger projects, the venture assumes a different dimension that cannot be relied upon the do-it-yourself approach.

We have already mentioned several use cases when we were talking about the benefits of dedicated team model. Now let’s look into more detail and learn when dedicated project teams work best and why. Typically, you will pay the same amount for a selected period, e.g. monthly, and cover team’s salaries and provider’s fee.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

According to surveys, many companies prefer to hire software developers from countries like India that offer the best quality and services at a meager cost. You can also hire software developers from India to save on quality and cut costs. There’s nothing quite like getting a dedicated team to oversee the entire software development. It’s common for clients to implore the help of a dedicated team for products that are at any phase in the cycle.

About dedicated development team model

One of the most important dedicated project team advantages is adaptability in terms of process and communication. It’s worth mentioning that if you work with a vendor who has been on a market for some time, you can expect the team to already have a time-proven process and standards in place. However, this doesn’t mean that these settings will be imposed on you. The dedicated team model assumes the client’s active participation with the project. In order to get an exceptional outcome, you should expect to communicate often, even daily, with employees, manage their work, and discuss any aspects of the project that require your attention. A dedicated team approach allows you to select members of the team on your own.

Usually, they need tools and processes that don’t yet exist in their business. Most dedicated engineering teams will have a Tech Lead and at least two engineers with hands-on experience building the type of product you want to build. We define a dedicated team as a supergroup of talented product experts, cherry-picked to fit your project requirements. In this blog, we’ll look at the value of a dedicated development team, as well as how and where it can add value. And if you believe in building a strong and long-term partnership, then you’ll know which team to select for your ongoing project need. Dedicated Team Model has a transparent, simple, and monthly billing cycle.

The role of a business analyst is to define requirements for a future solution. Typically, these are textual specifications that detail the logic and basic user experience. Invest in team-building by facilitation of healthy work culture and fostering strong ties with your virtual development team. With concrete planning from the client’s end, the outsourced team can work on any project like well-oiled machinery and deliver it in much shorter time frames.

Thousands of software development projects fail every year before hitting the market. There are many factors in play that have nothing to do with whether dedicated development team you have a dedicated team. A dedicated team only assures that you have a group of professionals focused on your project before anything else.


This is another reason why many companies that have neither technology expertise nor experience in managing IT projects opt for this model. Not only can a vendor put together a full-stack team but also lead and coordinate it every step of the way. Working with a dedicated team will deliver more benefits over disadvantages. You will gain knowledge, and valuable expertise, save money, and, perhaps most importantly, a complete and polished project. Many companies cooperate with dedicated teams, and in this way, dedicated teams are able to continually prove their efficiency, high expertise, formidable skills and custom approach to every project.

  • It works well for different types of projects from scaling large web platforms to building an MVP from scratch.
  • The goal is to have a remote team of experts seamlessly integrate with the client’s in-house staff, giving clients higher delivered value and flexibility.
  • The service provider takes on all recruitment, employment, administrative and infrastructure expenses for every specialist in the team.
  • This is not a complete list of the advantages the dedicated team model presents.

When you log off, the offshore teams start their work & takes it forward. Offshore software teams in developing countries are much affordable as the cost of living is lower there. You also save hugely on set-ups, capital investment, HR, and other such tasks. We start with a series of Q&As and workshops with the client to gather requirements, set a timeframe and assess project potential and feasibility. We believe that it’s essential not to overpromise but to set realistic expectations and always deliver on time.

• Designer who created wireframes, mockups and the whole design concept of a project. Their level of communication was what https://globalcloudteam.com/ really made them stand out from others. Their reliability allows us to put our efforts towards other crucial projects.

Highly Flexible and Scalable Teams

All of this can be mitigated by having a dedicated software development team in place. Once the process begins, companies will have to decide how they want to manage the development of their software product. The best way to ensure this is by developing a clear business plan outlining the product you want to build, how it will be marketed, how much it will cost and precisely what you expect from your team. Probably, for the first time, you might just have one Program Manager who reports to the COO directly and is independent of engineering.

Key Benefits of Working with Dedicated Development Teams

High quality of output and smooth deliveries are the pillars of trust between a client and a vendor. This is why we promote the culture of tech excellence and pixel-perfect design among our specialists and make sure it translates into the quality of the software we build. A dedicated team strategy is usually not the best choice for small 2-3 months projects because of low budget and time constraints.

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The flexibility and scope for customization further enhances the appeal of working with dedicated development teams, as this model can be tweaked to suit your business structure and requirement. It is equally true for the companies that do, in fact, have project management on their end and prefer to have more control over the progress and overall implementation. It’s not unusual, for example, to have a product team and tech leadership on a client’s side and a project manager or Scrum master in a dedicated team. This form of cooperation is really beneficial when the scope of the project isn’t completely formed and the list of project requirements will potentially be changed or expanded. The main reasons to hire dedicated developers are to compensate the lack of essential expertise and provide unique e-commerce development solutions. Whether you want to cut expenses for search and recruitment, and you want to save the infrastructure cost and overhead expenses – in both cases hiring a dedicated team is the right choice.

Dedicated team service providers have to face a lot of competition in the market. Only those that can offer extremely efficient and reliable service have a chance of retaining clients for long-term projects. We often work with clients that are recruiting an in-house team at the same time as working with our dedicated team. In these instances, we’re more than happy to facilitate the handover process once in-house teams are ready to take over the maintenance and optimization.

The true cost of an app is difficult to predict without assessing the requirements. In this article, we provide approximate estimates regarding the price to build an app and explain what’s included in every stage. As experience demonstrates, dedicated professionals are initiative, and the solutions they offer can be surprising. Having a little space for creation, developers can experience boredom and lack of inspiration, which can lead to stagnation and poor performance results. Most of the human resources providers charge far more for their services than other headhunters. Even if you have calculated everything and set the price beforehand, you may face the necessity to bear extra costs also on the stage of hiring a team.

All the potential candidates are already in one place, they have everything they need to work on your project and are ready to start when you are. Obviously, working with a ready-made team of software developers has many benefits you will feel as a business owner. The Geolocation for hiring developers— You can hire developers from different locations worldwide, either from Latin America, Europe, or Asia. However, the geolocation you choose greatly affects the price of hiring the team. Asia offers better prices, and you can get your work done in high quality at half the price.

Yes, you could take the time and effort to put a team of several off-shore developers together or start your internal hiring process. Staff augmentation is narrower than the dedicated model and entails only recruitment of the specialists required by the company to extend the existing tech team on a temporary basis. You know when it’s time to take a new leap in your relationship after working on some projects, consistently. Take your relationship on a new level of partnership, mutual understanding and shared responsibilities. You can guide your partner about efficient processes and advanced tools that can save huge efforts and lot of money.

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